Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walking for Weight Loss

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This post is for those of you that are walking for weight loss. Walking is a great form of cardio exercise for losing weight, however if you are walking and not losing weight try using a few of these tips to help you out.
1. Pump Your Arms, its all about keeping moving.
2. Shorten Your Stride, it helps you use more muscles more often
3. Stand Up Straight while you are walking, slumping will only hurt your back and body more.
4. Walk Briskly and Monitor Your Intensity, pretend as if you are late for an appointment or trying to catch up to someone or something.
5. Spice Things Up, add in some hills or different terrain to enhance your Walking for Weight Loss Experience

If you like this posting there will be more to come. I am currently trying these tips for myself and I will let everyone know of my progress as it happens. Hope you enjoy :)

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